A wrong assumption has ruined many relationships.

A wrong assumption has ruined many relationships.

Over the past month, I have come to realize that assumptions are the cause of a lot of problems in relationships. The term assumption can be explained as a belief or conclusion without having any evidence to support it. In most cases, opinions are formed on the basis of incomplete information, personal biases, or past experiences and perceptions. Assumptions can be conscious or unconscious and can shape how we interpret and interact with the world around us.

When assumptions are made, they can cause misunderstandings, miscommunications, and hurt feelings between parties. In relationships, tensions can arise when people assume what the other party might be thinking or feeling without actually talking to them directly before making assumptions about what they are thinking or feeling.

Assumptions can also lead to unrealistic expectations, which can be damaging to the relationship. If, for example, one has the impression from their partner's actions that they will always put them first and that they will never make a mistake in the relationship, they may become disappointed and frustrated when the expectations from the partner aren't met.

Therefore, it is essential to communicate openly and honestly in relationships and to avoid making assumptions. If there is uncertainty about something, it's always better to ask questions and seek clarification rather than assuming the worst or jumping to conclusions.

If assumptions have ruined your friendship, partnership, or relationship with someone, make amends; it’s never too late. However, statistics show that 80% of relationships may never be restored to their actual state, but it’s better to carry out this exercise to experience peace from within.

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Kind Regards,

Olamiji Akeredolu.